Royal Rumble 2017 Results and Highlights Complete Matches

News:  Royal Rumble 2017 Results and Highlights Complete Matches

Rich Swann (c) vs. Neville (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

Winner: And the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Neville!

Highlights: Both Cruiserweights quickly locked in an very stiff and intense manner. Both men employed their agile flips to hop over each other, but Rich got the better of it by dropkicking Neville and landing a plancha on him to the outside. Neville soon recovered and turned the tables of Rich by striking him and slamming him down hard back in the ring. Neville got to the top rope and then landed a Shotgun Dropkick right through Rich’s chest. Neville picked up Rich for something big, but Rich almost rolled Neville up in a surprise pin. Neville escaped and continued his beating of Rich by landing a Snap Suplex on him. Neville then landed a nice Elbow Strike on Rich while he was trapped in the corner. Neville soon locked on a submission hold on Rich right in the middle of the ring.

Neville WInner Royal Rumbe Event

Rich found himself on the top rope again, but Neville struck him before he could pull off something magnificent. Neville flipped off the top rope after some back and forth brawling between him and Rich. Back on the mat, Neville landed a nice Superkick of his own on Rich and then looked to land a Deadlift German Suplex. But Rich responded with his devastating kick finisher and looked to get the winning pin. Neville managed to get his foot on the ropes to break up the pin, though. Rich went to the top rope to land another big splash, but Neville brought him back down to the mat with a Superplex. Neville then locked in his submission finisher and finally forced Rich to tap out.

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Bayley (WWE Raw Women’s Championship)

Winner: And still the WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Charlotte!

Highlights: Charlotte went right into “WOO!” mode as soon as this title match got underway. Charlotte dominated Bayley during the match’s opening moments and even forced her right through the middle ropes. Both women soon got into a shoving match. Charlotte got shoved to the outside, got caught by Bayley by getting her slammed into the mat and then got caught with a mid-rope plancha on the outside. Charlotte couldn’t even catch a breather after all this as Bayley threw herself from the top rope right on her. The action continued on the outside when Charlotte recovered by using the ring apron and steel steps to incapacitate Bayley.

Charlotte Winner Women Champion

When they both got back to their feet, Charlotte responded with a great number of chops. Bayley shook them all off and began using her unorthodox offense. Bayley made her way to the top rope and actually landed a slick “Macho Man” Elbow Drop. Bayley looked to land another big move, but Charlotte cut her off and managed to lock in her Figure Four Leglock. Bayley dealt with the pain from this submission hold and turned it around on Charlotte, but Charlotte rolled her back in order to lock in her Figure Eight variation. Charlotte signaled for her beautiful Moonsault, went airborne to land it and instead got caught by Bayley’s knees. Bayley got fired up and began beating down the title holder in the corner. Charlotte then got pushed to the top rope by Bayley, but Charlotte pushed her right over the top rope. While Bayley tried to recover on the ring apron, Charlotte laid her out with a Natural Selection on that very same part of the ring.

AJ Styles (c) vs. John Cena (WWE Championship)

Winner: And the new WWE Champion, John Cena!

Highlights: As soon as the bell rang, the crowd went nuts with competing chants for both Superstars. AJ and John got into a feeling out process that ended with John quickly clotheslining AJ. John kept beating down AJ by throwing him right into the corner, but AJ got back at the challenger by cutting him with strikes and two big flying knee drops. AJ even used John’s own hand wave taunt, but it did nothing but anger John and cause him to throw AJ into the air for a back body drop. John looked to land an early AA, but AJ flipped out of it to land a kick to John’s leg and an Enzuguri to his head. AJ took a moment to look at his dirty work and then continue to beat John down even more. Out of nowhere, John got right into his signature comeback offense. When John went for his back suplex, AJ countered it by flipping around into a Hurricanrana. AJ then followed that up with a running elbow strike.

Jhon Cena Winner Royal Rumble

AJ remained locked in John’s hold for a while himself, but he escaped and looked to pin his opponent. AJ then locked John in an STF of his own! This didn’t last too long though as John escaped and almost landed another AA. After a series of counters, John shocked the crowd by locking AJ in a Figure Four Leglock. AJ screamed and writhed in pain before he countered by locking an armbar on John. John suffered for a few moments himself before he deadlifted AJ and Powerbombed him back to the mat. John came off the top rope with a Flying Legdrop, but AJ caught him in midair with a Powerbomb that quickly got followed up with a Styles Clash. Cena still managed to survive! AJ looked to land his Springboard 450 Splash, but he landed right on John’s knees. John then pulled out a shocking Code Red slam on AJ!

John looked for something even bigger to land while AJ was in a daze, but AJ quickly dropped John with a neckbreaker across his knee. AJ signaled for another Styles Clash, but John tripped AJ up and catapulted him into the corner ring pad. Once AJ turned back around, John grabbed ahold of him and landed a unique neckbreaker-like maneuver. John then did the unthinkable – land a devastating top rope AA! AJ still hung on for dear life by escaping a proceeding pin attempt. John went for yet another AA, but AJ dropped John with another crushing Styles Clash. AJ was unable to pin him, which caused John to get back to his feet and finally defeat AJ with two nasty AA’s.

Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns (No Disqualification Match for the WWE Universal Championship; Chris Jericho Will be Suspended in a Shark Cage Above the Ring)

Winner: And still the WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens!

Highlights: Before Jericho got locked in the cage, he and Kevin jumped all over Roman with punches and kicks. Roman quickly got back into fighting mode, beat down both men and soon forced Y2J into his temporary home for the evening. As soon as the bell rang, Kevin began his assault on the title challenger. Roman shook off all those strikes and took the fight right into the crowd as he battered Kevin with strikes. Roman even slammed Kevin into the Japanese Announcer’s Table! Back by the ring, Kevin fought back hard by throwing Roman into the steel steps. Kevin soon set up a number of steel chairs. Roman managed to take down Kevin with some strikes of his own, but he soon found himself on the receiving end of a Cannonball Splash into the security barrier.

Kevin used a separate steel chair as a battering ram to injure Roman’s gut. Then, Kevin ended up on the ring apron and looked to slam Roman into his castle of steel chairs. Roman fought back valiantly and looked to throw Kevin into his own concoction. After failing to do so, Roman hopped back into the ring to land some of his signature moves on the current title holder. Roman took a trip to the outside afterwards to recover a table. While Roman was distracted by the setup of that table, Kevin landed a sick Backstabber on him. Kevin pushed the table to the outside and looked to land another Cannonball Splash after using Roman’s signature taunt. Of course, this pissed off Roman and caused him to counter with a big boot and a Sitdown Powerbomb. Kevin crawled to the outside, but he got cracked with Roman’s Drive-By sliding dropkick.kevin Own Remains Champion Royal Rumble Event

Kevin looked to Powerbomb Roman onto a steel chair, but Roman got him up instead for a Samoan Drop on that very same chair. Roman made a play for another table, which he managed to set up in the ring corner. Kevin almost rolled Roman up, but he escaped and responded right after with a Superman Punch. Roman signaled for a Spear, but Kevin landed a knee counter followed by a Stone Cold Stunner out of nowhere! In the corner, Kevin tapped into Austin’s offense even more by using his mudhole stomp on Roman. This got followed up by another Cannonball Splash. Kevin then picked up Roman for his bog move through his steel chair structure set up on the outside. The crowd looked on in awe and watched as Kevin failed, leading to Roman landing another Superman Punch. This caused Kevin to catapult through his steel chair setup.

Roman left the ring to clear off every announce table on the outside. He took the chance to punish Kevin even more by Powerbombing him right through the middle one. Back in the ring, Roman looked to land another Spear. All of a sudden, Braun Strowman attacked Roman by chokeslamming him on an announce table and slamming him through a table. Kevin slid over Roman’s now destroyed body and grabbed the cheap victory

2017 Royal Rumble Match (30-Man Royal Rumble Match for a World Championship Match at WrestleMania 33)

Winner: Randy Orton!

Highlights: Big Cass entered at #1 with Enzo in tow for some live mic antics. Y2J then made his entrance at #2. Both men sized each other up before Y2J proceeded to slap the big man. This pissed off Cass, which led into Y2J being the receiving end of a continued assault. Kalisto showed up at #3. Kalisto went full speed ahead as he used a Springboard Dropkick on Y2J and a Springboard Enzuguri on Cass. Kalisto was a slippery lil’ devil as he and Cass got into it, but Cass finally dropped the luchador with a big boot. Mojo Rawley then appeared at #4. As soon as he got into the ring, he floored Kalisto and Y2J with offense. Him and Cass got into a pretty tense exchange while the other two men were down. Y2J and Mojo tried to eliminate Cass, but their attempt failed.

Jack Gallagher sprung up at #5. He used his classy umbrella to lay out several men, but Y2J got fed up with his BS and slammed him to the mat. Y2J went into full taunt mode, but this mistake led to Jack using his umbrella to low blow Y2J and have some more fun at his expense. The match continued and led into Mark Henry showing up at #6. Mark dominated everyone in the ring and showed love to the hometown crowd. After getting thrown through the middle rope, Jack tried to catch Mark with an umbrella strike from the top rope. Mark caught him and quickly eliminated him. Braun Strowman arrived at #7. He wasted no time taking down everyone in his way. He eliminated Mojo, but turned right around into a big boot from Cass. Braun got back to his feet though and dodged another big boot, which led to him shoving Cass over the top rope. Braun then sent Kalisto for a ride by flinging him over the rope onto Cass and Mojo. After some big man brawling, Braun got rid of Mark as well. Y2J decided to take refuge outside the ring after he slid underneath the rope to escape.

Sami Zayn entered at #8. Sami fought valiantly, but Braun cut his offense off at every turn. Big Show showed up at #9 to lock horns with another giant. Both behemoths locked eyes and began brawling. Big Show looked good at first, but Braun took him down with a nasty clothesline. Big Show got back to his feet and chokeslammed Braun, then turned his attention to Y2J by clocking him with a stiff punch. Braun and Show kept fighting until Braun flung him over the top rope. At #10 came the perfect 10, Tye Dillinger! Sami and Tye worked together to beat down Braun while the crowd chanted for Tye. Braun landed a double suplex on both men and then came James Ellsworth at #11 with Carmella by his side. Braun almost found himself gone after Sami and Tye almost double teamed him over the rope. Braun destroyed them both and looked to face off with #12, Dean Ambrose.Royal Rumble 30 Man Match Winner Randy Orton

Dean tricked James into entering the ring, which led to Braun making quick work of him by catapulting him over the top rope. Braun looked stronger than ever. but the three men opposing him made a solid attempt at weakening him. Baron Corbin arrived at #13 and joined the other men in the ring to beat down Braun. Braun powered out of their team up and sent Tye over the top rope. Back in the ring, Braun got taken down by Sami, Dean and Baron’s biggest moves. Baron then shocked the crowd by forcing Braun over the top rope. Dean laid in a nice Dirty Deeds on Baron soon after. Kofi came out at #14. All four men in the ring went to war with each other and tried to force one another over the top rope. #15 turned out to be The Miz. As soon as he entered the ring, he landed his Skull Crushing Finale on Sami. Dean dropped Kofi with his Rebound Lariat, Miz used Daniel Bryan’s repeated kicks on Baron in the corner and Baron escaped and landed his Deep Six Nine on Kofi. Kofi pulled off a crazy feat afterward by sitting atop the ring post and hopping right over Baron and landing his Trouble in Paradise. At #16 came Sheamus, who pulled out all the stops to take down everyone in the ring.

#17 turned out to be Big E, who belted out his usual pre-match promo. He locked in The Miz in his Abominable Stretch and smacked his ass for extra measure. Of course, Kofi and Big E entered into an alliance against the other Superstars. The action kept going at a heated pace until Rusev entered at #18. Rusev clashed with a ring full of men while he wore a face mask for his broken nose. At #19, we got Cesaro. As soon as he got in, he gave The Miz, Sami and Dean repeated Big Swings. Even Kofi and Big E went for a ride. He almost did the same to his tag team partner, but was interrupted by a Superkick from Rusev. Xavier Woods came out at #20. Him, Big E and Kofi pulled off their tandem offense on Sheamus as soon as Xavier entered the ring. The Miz got a piece of that same offense soon after. Bray Wyatt showed up at #21 as the fireflies in the crowd celebrated his arrival. He used a Uranage Slam to take down Miz and soon began taking down anyone else in his path.

#22 gave us Apollo Crews, who managed to land some beautiful dropkicks and other high-flying moves on Bray and a few other men. The whole New Day got eliminated by Sheamus and Cesaro! But when Sheamus looked to get rid of his own partner, Y2J got rid of the both of them. Sheamus and Cesaro then began arguing on the outside. At #23 came Randy Orton, who handed out an RKO to Baron and Rusev. Sami made the mistake of coming off the top rope and landing right in another RKO. Him and Bray then got locked into their unusual alliance. #24 ended up being Dolph Ziggler, who went on a Superkick frenzy. He soon landed a double DDT as well and began beating down the rest of the opposition. Luke Harper showed up at #25. He soon got rid of Apollo Crews and set his sights right on Randy. Bray looked to ease the tensions between them, but Luke decided to take them both out. Luke almost landed Sister Abigail on Bray, but Randy saved him with a RKO to Luke at the very last moment.

Brock Lesnar finally made his arrival at #26! As soon as he got in, he got rid of Dolph and Dean, Suplex City came to town, of course. Brock then F5’d both Baron and Randy. #27 gave us Enzo Amore. He ran straight ahead into “The Beast,” who clocked Enzo with a Lariat and quickly eliminated him. Brock then went right back to his Suplex City ways. #28 turned out to be Goldberg! Him and Brock stared each other down before going to blows. Goldberg quickly Speared Brock and eliminated him in mere seconds! Goldberg entered into domination mode as he struck his prey with more Spears and a Jackhammer to Sami. #29 gave us The Undertaker! Taker showed up as the lights came back on and almost chokeslammed Goldberg. Goldberg got rid of Rusev, while Taker eliminated Baron. Goldberg repeated his elimination feat by getting rid of Luke, but then Taker shocked the world by getting rid of Goldberg! Taker then went Chokeslam crazy by taking out Miz and Sami.

The final entrant turned out to be Roman Reigns. Taker and Roman engaged in a tense staredown right in the middle of the ring as the crowd looked on. Both men then began throwing bombs at each other repeatedly. Roman landed a Superman Punch on Taker, but it did nothing to weaken him. Taker countered a 2nd Superman Punch, chokeslammed Roman ad then eliminated Miz and Sami. Taker turned his attention to Y2J by gifting him with a Chokeslam as well. Then Roman caught Taker off guard by throwing him over the top rope. The final four were set – Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Y2J got eliminated after catching a Superman Punch while he stood on the top rope. Bray and Randy then turned their attention to Roman. Randy landed his Apron DDT on Roman and looked to help Bray land an RKO. But Roman slipped out of it and got rid of Bray. Roman’s Spear attempt led to failure as he jumped right into an RKO followed by his elimination!

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