Miss Universe national 5 costumes revealed in the beauty

News:  Miss Universe national 5 costumes revealed in the beauty


Dubious cultural link: I thought this camp AF get-up was a nod to the iconic Aussie film Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, but apparently it’s an homage to the Great Barrier Reef. The beaded jumpsuit represents the coral and the skirt overlay is the ocean waves.

Miss Australia Caris Tiivel has previously said she hopes her outfit will send a message to politicians about coral bleaching. Hope the PM has prerecorded the pageant on his Foxtel IQ.

Comfort level: 6/10. Long skirts look beautiful but are so easy to trip over. Also that hat, which is supposed to look like coral, looks pretty heavy.


Dubious cultural link: She’s dressed as a dodgy Pippi Longstocking, from the iconic children’s book series by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. Pippi had a horse she called Little Old Man, which explains why she’s holding up a giant cardboard horse.

Comfort level: 4/10. No one wants to walk around carrying a giant horse. No one.


Dubious cultural link: Is she supposed to be a rice paddy farmer? But a golden, sparkly, sexy one?

Comfort level: 0/10.There’s the corset, the annoying fringing, the giant thing on her back and that hat. What a battle.Miss Universe national 5 costumes revealed in the beauty


Dubious cultural link: Canadians love to ski? And are adorable?

Comfort level: 9/10.Those uggs look pretty cozy. One point lost for having to cart around a giant maple-shaped snowflake.


Dubious cultural link: She’s dressed as Garuda, the large bird from Hindu and Buddhist mythology. She looks pretty damn legit.

Comfort level: 1/10. This looks hot and heavy. Going to the bathroom would be a nightmare.

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